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Our Services

Flat Pattern DXF CNC Files

Flat pattern DXF files for CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet.  With a background in fabrication, we understand making clean files that minimize extraneous lines which can cause pathing errors for some machines.

3D solid Models

Using Inventor, all your parts will be modeled in 3D and assembled digitally to verify fitment and desired range of motion if required.  

Full Customer Experience Service

We are a U.S. based design team, available for virtual meetings, and able to respond effectively as the situation requires.

Your Success Is Our Success

Maybe your a small agile company who does not want the burden of a full time employee, we can fill the gaps when you need that design team, but may not want the overhead involved with it. Maybe you are a larger company who has a "one-off" project and won't need to bring in staff to cover.

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